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 “JoAnne is very easy to work with and has given me great advice. She even told me about an acupuncture clinic that was very inexpensive and helped with pain in my back and neck. My insurance did not cover that since my deductible was higher, so I was very appreciative.”- N.P.  ColSpgs, CO

“Jo Anne Bly has been a great help to me with regards to my health insurance. She has saved me a lot of time in researching options and has been available and responsive to follow up concerns and problems. Highly recommend.”- V.N.  ColSpgs, CO

“Thank you so much for helping Mike and the rest of the family getting our health insurance set up.  You were very helpful and made the process seamless.  I am glad were are lucky enough to have you as our agent.”-B.S.  Scottsdalle, AZ

“Jo Anne has been an immeasurable help in navigating the complicated insurance policies that are available.  She quickly located several that fit our family’s needs then explained in detail what each one would mean for us and helped us make an informed choice.  In the four years we’ve worked with her, she’s continued to offer us the policies with the best value for our family and we haven’t been disappointed on any of our choices.  She has proven to be current and knowledgeable about each private plan she offers and how it fits into existing federal medical plans.  With Jo Anne, we know for certain we have the best plan for the best price.”

“What I like about Jo Anne, she is a very knowledgeable Agent. If she does not know the answer, she will find out the answer though her Agent/Broker information from the companies.  In the past, this has helped me with faster results and saving me valuable time.  When she helped me with the application process, it took her less than an hour, when if I tried to fill out the application on line, I gave up after 4 hours!” - D.  Gabriel Colorado Springs, CO

“In 2016 I tried to fill out the Connect for Health CO, the Peak Application during Open Enrollment.  I was so frustrated I almost gave up.   I found that the web site if not user friendly and all kinds of IT problems.  I called Jo Anne and she basically saved my application and helped me with all my IT problems.  I will be calling her again to help me with any health insurance needs.”  -  S. Szalai

“Hello, Jo Anne helped me with Accident Insurance first, and then Major Medical Insurance through Connect for Health CO.  Wow, I did not know what to do without her!  I am turning age 65 soon, and I plan on having her help me with the Medicare process also. I never realized how complicated health insurance can be!”- J Vidmar

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